Health, youthfulness and slimming: the secret to the success of the Infratrainer

infratrainer key to success

Healthy lifestyle is arguably one of the trendiest buzzwords of our times. Nevertheless, a healthy diet, exercising, improving one’s health or detoxification remain unattainable for many people in our fast-paced world. However, the solution to this conundrum is more readily available than many would think. Infratrainer, which applies a revolutionary technology, is the answer to weight problems, aging-related changes in the body and improving our health.

This unique and original fitness equipment, developed and manufactured in Hungary, combines physical exercise and infrared to help users lose weight in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner while speeding up the detoxification process in the body, boosting oxygen supply on the cellular level and bolstering the immune system. The low-intensity workout can be done by anyone, regardless of age and weight on this ergonomic bike without any prior training being necessary. The infrared light speeds up metabolism, allowing the body to burn up to 800 calories during a 50-minute exercise session, which is equivalent to running 13 to 17 kilometers. By penetrating the skin, infrared lights release the deposited toxins, which are emptied out from the body through sweating, and improve collagen production, which in turn results in an enhanced body shape and firmer, smoother skin.

With the Smart application and bracelet as well as the Zerofat Technology ™ dietary supplements, the Infratrainer offers users a complex, 21st century fitness and lifestyle solution.

If in addition to combatting weight problems and aging, you are also keen on boosting your savings, don’t miss the upcoming Infratrainer crowdfunding campaign, which offers a great opportunity to be part of a Hungarian success story. For further details, visit:

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