Infratrainer Teams up with Hungarian Multinational Company

infratrainer tungsram

Tungsram Co., a Hungary-based enterprise with a track record of more than 120 years and commercial presence in over 100 countries worldwide, has joined forces with Infratrainer to jointly magnify the global presence of the Infratrainer fitness machine. As a result of the partnership, Tungsram will take over the production of Infratrainer machines, leveraging the company’s existing manufacturing capabilities, engineering expertise and the brand’s global recognition.

Tungsram has been present in Hungary ever since the company was founded in 1896, and as of 2018, it has once again become an independent global enterprise, headquartered in Budapest, following the separation from GE. The company has more than 20 subsidiaries worldwide and the production of its state-of-the-art lighting, medical and aerospace equipment and instruments takes place at 5 plants across Hungary.

Tungsram’s high quality and acclaimed manufacturing background as well as its international sales network pave the way for boosting Infratrainer’s global footprint. The revolutionary, tailor-made body shaping technology offered by Infratrainer is well known in Hungary and the equipment is also available in 8 other countries, including Canada. However, in terms of market presence globally, the best is yet to come! Infratrainer Global Zrt., the joint venture set up by Tungsram and Infratrainer, is embarking on a crowdfunding campaign to raise the capital needed for the planned global expansion. Wondering how to be a part of this success story?

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