Make It Happen with the Help of the Community: Infratrainer to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Infratrainer be our investor

The mass proliferation of the Internet has revolutionized not only the way we work, relax or communicate but also how businesses raise the funding they need. In the pre-Internet era, companies turned to banks and other creditors with their capital needs, however this has changed radically by now. In our connected world, a good idea or product can now conquer the market with the help of the community through crowdfunding.

Rather than requesting a bank loan facility or resorting to a public offering of shares, this form of investment relies on the online community to bring to fruition a planned development or to launch products already manufactured. The international crowdfunding market has posted staggering growth rates in recent years. According to the World Bank, around USD 50 billion was invested between 2010 and 2017 in the global crowdfunding market, on which the United States and the European Union are the key players. Similarly to thousands of foreign enterprises, Infratrainer has also opted for this leading-edge investment method to raise the capital necessary for the financing of its international expansion. Infratrainer is among the first companies to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign on a Hungarian online platform.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise between HUF 80-120 million, in exchange for which the company offers equity stakes of 10-15%. The capital raised in the first round will be used to speed up the company’s global expansion, to participate at prestigious international fitness and wellness exhibitions, to develop the Zerofat Technology™ system and application and to finance scientific studies.

Why does the soon-to-be-launched Infratrainer campaign provide a singularly beneficial opportunity to invest?

The introduction of Smart Infratrainer, an innovative new version of the acclaimed Infratrainer fitness bike, combined with the Zerofat Technology TM system revolutionizes fitness and the fight against obesity. The Zerofat Technology™ system offers a unique and tailor-made solution to users while the company continuously develops the system in line with user and market expectations. The market experience accumulated over the years has also proved a source of vital information for the company. Since entering the market in 2015, they have sold nearly 150 Infratrainer bikes to around 100 fitness studios in Hungary. Additionally, Infratrainer is also available in 7 European countries and Canada while negotiations are underway for establishing market presence in Russia and the Middle East. The management’s vision is for Infratrainer to become a decisive player on the continuously expanding global fitness market.

The objective is to sell 2,000 bikes in Europe alone over the next five years. The upcoming crowdfunding campaign is a unique opportunity for retail investors to be part of a Hungarian success story. For further information on the campaign and for early bird registration, visit the website.

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