The Infratrainer against the COVID-19 situation

infratrainer covid19 situation

Dear Infratrainer users, studio owners and investors!

The difficulties of the current epidemic situation are challenging all of us.

The epidemic has opened the eyes of people to the importance of a healthy and conscious lifestyle,
highlighting the increased exposure of the 45+ age group. For this age group, maintaining health,
exercising regularly and maintaining ideal body weight with traditional exercises is a major challenge
in today’s busy world.

We are confident that epidemic risk will soon ease so our stores can open again, and our guests will
resume using the tools to strengthen their immune system and improve fitness. Due to the current
situation, it is expected that people will still continue to strive for distance and hygiene, which is
difficult to achieve in traditional gym and group classes. This is an edge for Infratrainer; training in a
discrete room almost eliminates the risk of infection from others, and due to infra’s detoxifying and
immune boosting effect, our guests will be even more protected against pathogens. Infratrainer will
be ready for its guests by the time the demand for such training method becomes massive.

We are making fundamental changes to our business model that will help our prospective clients to
overcome the current crisis. With the end of the threat, we wanted to expand the availability of our
product and service, so we decided to make the machine available for home use. We will also bring
forward the introduction of the rental scheme, facilitate pre-orders and support with discounts. Our
goal is to increase the nationwide coverage of the service for people’s health.

You can also help Infratrainer to make the most of this niche, participate in our campaign and
become an investor. If you are ordering a machine now and investing in our campaign, we can
provide you with a free maintenance service and you can also earn bonus shares over a certain

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