When Technology Becomes Your Fitness Partner – Smart Infratrainer to be Launched Soon!

infratrainer the zerofat technology

Becoming slimmer, more attractive and healthier, quickly and effectively eliminating the signs of time passing by – these are the eternal goals that drive the beauty industry. The fitness industry also takes advantage of technological developments, which yield previously unimaginable results. The market launch of Smart Infratrainer – expected in March – will usher in a new era in body shaping and users will be able to enjoy the weight loss opportunities offered by the combination of medical science and engineering know-how. Developed in collaboration with Tungrsam, the Zerofat Technology, which lies at the heart of the Infratrainer solution, is a complex system that revolutionizes fitness and combats overweight. Exploiting the advances of digital technology, the Smart Infratrainer offers the possibility of exercising, losing weight, detoxification and a healthy diet in one comprehensive package.When Technology Becomes Your Fitness Partner – Smart Infratrainer to be Launched Soon!

The system is based on the Smart Infratrainer machine itself, which has been developed to connect to a cloud server. The smart bracelet included in the package measures the pulse of the user and communicates with the mobile application developed for end users. This is complemented by soon-to-de developed functional food packages, designed to replace breakfast and dinner. The system monitors users through the entire weight loss process and supports the achievement of their goals in an interactive way. Technology not only helps in weight loss, but also in managing one’s daily finances. Take advantage of the digital age and make sure to be part of Infratrainer’s upcoming crowdfunding campaign! Details can be found at https://tokeportal.hu/en/infratrainer_/

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