INFRATRAINER is one of the most modern, efficient health and shaping machines in the 21st century


The INFRATRAINER changes fundamentally the concepts of weight loss, body shaping, cellulite treatment and detoxication. It enables even the extremely obese users to lose weight faster and easier than ever before.

Weight loss

With infralight therapy the training – done in the personalized fat-burning zone – speeds up the lymph flow. This special kind of training boosts the breakdown of fat cells, and in this way the training will be as effective as possible.

Body shape

Training with the INFRATRAINER safely raises body heat, therefore it boosts blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, thus promoting detoxication and effective body shaping.

Anti Aging

As an effect of the special infralight released by the Philips Vitae™ infrared lamps and the training done in the personalized fat-burning zone, the skin purifies, beautifies and with the toxins leaving, it smooths and rejuvenates.

Zerofat technology

The Infratrainer is an effective nad innovative solution in the fitness market.

INFRATRAINER | The Zerofat Technology
It is the most modern and the most effective health maintaining and body shaping technology of the 21st century that is to be introduced in the USA in 2019 fall. The INFRATRAINER is a special fitness equipment combining two kinds of training for the sake of the highest possible efficiency. An effective kind of training that can be done by anyone, and the smart solutions of the one that is seen as a world novelty; the HEART CONTROL TRAINING.

The health of cells

The infrared light therapy and the pulsing magnet therapy improves the oxygen supply of the cells, intensifies their metabolism, helps the regeneration of the muscles and strengthens the immune system.


Sweating is a safe and the most natural way of detoxicating the body. Training with the INFRATRAINER generates the highest possible rate of sweating besides a low intensity muscle work.

Kollagén termelés

Collagen plays an important role in creating the space between cells, in the flexibility of bones, and in the structure of the cartilaginous tissue. The INFRATRAINER stimulates the production of the collagen, it gives shape to the body, it smooths wrinkles and rejuvenates skin.

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A XXI. század legmodernebb és innovatív fittnesz gépe.