Pulse Control

Personalized training for safety and efficiency

Pulse Control

The self-developed system of Infratrainer Kft., Which enables absolutely personalized training, taking into account the current physical condition of the guest and the desired goal. During the training, our guest wears a self-made smart t-shirt that controls the Infratrainer by processing signals from more than 500 hearts per second without further human intervention. This special system guarantees safety with the possibility of maximum results.

The PCT is suitable for detecting and displaying the individual’s own differences in fitness status. It plans the intensity of the training and manages its real-time management based on the measured data.

It is controlled by our heart

We’ve practically created the world’s first fitness machine driven by our hearts.

Safe training

Training with a PCT system keeps our guests in a safe zone, we can even guarantee muscle spasm relief!


Training, personalized

There can be a difference of up to 100% between the intensity of the first and the last workout. It really means a personalized workout!

Pulse Control clinical trials

PCT also provides an opportunity to involve Infratrainer in a wider range of domestic and international obesity research.

Discussions with specialists working in the field have revealed that the biggest problem is that there is nowhere to send the patient. Apart from being told the “good news” that they should lose weight, they can’t give any more support. Being overweight has been shown to be a “hotbed” of 5-6 serious diseases, and as more and more sections of society are affected, the topic is also a priority for the medical community and politics. We had a pre-pandemic contract with NJCU University of New York and PTE for a joint series of large clinical trials that would have supported the effectiveness of heat training. This type of research has already been carried out with the involvement of 4 German universities and its effectiveness has been clearly established. As the outcome of the epidemic (and thus the overseas trip) is uncertain, we contacted Dr. István Kósa and the Hungarian Institute of Obesity in the hope of conducting a clinical study in Hungary. Dr. István Kósa’s answer


If we succeed in carrying out the research and publishing its results, it will provide an opportunity to reach out to interested doctors and specialists, who will then boldly recommend our franchise system to the patients concerned. According to Dr., the service we provide would be a powerful help to both patients and referring physicians. In practice, this would mean welcoming the patients referred to us in the right business for them and using our system to support us in achieving our common goal. The data packet determined during the clinical trials is sent from time to time at the request of the prescribing physician, from which the change in the individual’s physical condition can be tracked. Along with lab results, status can be accurately diagnosed. Doctor really liked the fact that the PCT system provides evaluated data on physical activity, which gives them no further action. All this so that the patient has not even left the shower and the “package” is already landing on the doctor’s computer.